Fuller's 1845 Bottle Conditioned Ale

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Brewery: Fuller's
Origin: London, England
Style: Ale

Rating (5): 5

Pros: Live yeast, great complex aroma and flavor
Cons: Would taste even better in an English pub
The Bottom Line The No.1 UK bottle conditioned ale. Offers excellent complexity of flavor and aroma. A must try for any real ale fan.
Recommended: Yes

Although the breweryís history dates back to 1654, the current ownership has been in control since 1845. Need I say anymore? Indeed the beer is a celebration of the history of The Fullerís brewery, released in 1995 commemorating 150 years. The beer does have a Royal touch, as the inaugural hops were added to the copper by The Prince of Wales (thatís Charles), during a visit.

Fuller's Bottle Conditioned ale, is a beer that has yeast added to it right before bottling. The yeast causes the beer to referment and carbonation to develop naturally. Thatís right the yeast in the bottle is still alive, meaning that  ........read more
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