Fuller's India Pale Ale

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Brewery: Fuller's
Origin: London, England
ABV: 4.8%
Rating (5): 3.4

Pros: Nice malty flavor and aroma, slight hop, highly-reputed brewery
Cons: A little thin and not hoppy enough
The Bottom Line A good beer, and easy drinking. Nice malty flavor. Worth trying but not quite hoppy enough.
Recommended: Yes

In general IPA’s are higher in hops and alcohol than a traditional English Pale Ale, having being brewed for shipment to expatriates in India during the 1800’s.

First Impressions
All Fuller’s bottles evoke images of tradition. The IPA I was drinking comes in an 18.6 oz bottle, of good sturdy stature. It makes you want to get a hold and feel of the bottle, almost as tempting as picking up a baseball bat. The words “Independent Family Brewery” are engraved in the glass, while the colors; brown bottle and a well-designed label encourage confidence in the product.

The Proof
Upon releasing the cap, the initial aroma is a raisin-like maltiness. The pour  ........read more
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