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Heineken Brouwerijen

Official Web Page 
78 Stadhouderskade, Netherlands
Tel: () -   Fax: () -

Opened: 1864
Date Visited:

The Amsterdam based brewery was bought by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1864. Over the years Heineken has gone on to sell its beer in over 170 countries, adding 80 other brands including Amstel, Murphyís and Moretti. Many of these countries are served by licensed breweries, although it is stated that the USA Heineken is imported (from where Iím not sure).

According to 1999 figures, the Heineken corporation was the second largest beer volume producer in the world with 90 million hectoliters. The Heineken brand accounted for 21 million hectoliters.

In 1933, Heineken became the first post-prohibition beer importer to the USA. It was only recently overtaken by Corona as the USAís biggest selling import.

Beers Reviewed

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Heineken Type: Lager/ Pilsner ABV: 5%
Pale golden color, fairly thin and clear in body. Plenty of carbonation and a pleasing foam although this does quickly fade away. Clean maltiness in the nose, a little herbal aroma, a flowery hop, and brief hints of fruitiness that is not quite deep enough to define itself. The palate is nothing too demanding, pretty light, but with a spritzy carbonation providing for a nice crisp sharpness. Thereís a sweet malt throughout most of the tasting, with faint fruitiness, but otherwise pretty clean. A slight hoppy bitter finish rounds the beer off but is a little too slight to make this a wholly satisfying brew. The aftertaste is not quite balanced enough, Iím usually looking for a hoppy finish but instead was left with something of a slightly sticky malt. An adequate lager that decided to go Reinheitsgebot compliant but doesn't quite do enough.
Ratings: Appearance: 2/5 Aroma: 5/10 Palate: 3/5 Taste: 6/10 Overall: 11/20 Score: 2.7


  Type: ABV: %
Ratings: Appearance: /5 Aroma: /10 Palate: /5 Taste: /10 Overall: /20 Score: 


  Type:  ABV: %
Ratings: Appearance: /5 Aroma: /10 Palate: /5 Taste: /10 Overall: /20 Score: 


  Type: ABV: %
Ratings: Appearance: /5 Aroma: /10 Palate: /5 Taste: /10 Overall: /20 Score: 

Last Updated: 07/24/2001

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