Flying Dog Old Scratch Lager

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Brewery: Flying Dog
Colorado, USA
ABV: 4.2%
Rating (5): 4.5

Pros: Well pronounced malt and hop, while neither dominates. Ale like character.
Cons: None if you don't mind a few fleas.
The Bottom Line Combines very well defined malt and hops, with neither being too dominant. Very flavorful for a lager, almost ale-like. A must for any beer drinker.
Recommended: Yes

Flying Dog started out as a brewpub in Aspen, Colorado, one of the first in the Rocky Mountain region. They have since outgrown this facility, and relocated in Denver, with a 35,000 barrel brewhouse.

Doing it Doggie-Style
The first thing you’d notice about Flying Dog, in their own words, is how they like to do things “Doggie-style”. Their beers strike references to dogs, as does their promotional material. So while most of us would talk about a range of products, or a portfolio, Flying Dog refer to their “litter of ales”. Their independent attitude to brewing more

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