Flying Dog Tire Biter Ale

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Brewery: Flying Dog
Colorado, USA
ABV: %
Rating (5): 3.1

Pros: Different style, not widely available. Refreshing.
Cons: Not enough flavor and a little too thin.
The Bottom Line One of the better American versions of a not too widespread style. Refreshes, it's nice and crisp but just doesn't carry enough weight or flavor.
Recommended: No

Don’t even ask if you can pet this dog
I admit to being a little misled by this ale. I picked it up without reading the label, so I only really got a first impression. Let me ask anyone what they would expect from a picture of a dog looking more devilish than Satan himself, clenched fists, ferociously biting at a bicycle tire, blood spraying from his mouth and fumes snorting from his snout? Well, I was expecting something strong, something tough, maybe a Scottish ale or a barley wine. How wrong I was. This is actually something pretty delicate, a Kölsch, a German style ale that actually looks like a lager.

Was ist Kölsch?
Kölsch is derived from Köln (German for Cologne), and designates the only area in which this ale may be brewed. It’s a top-fermented pale, fruity ale, cold-aged like a lager, and was apparently conceived as a rival to pilsner. Inevitably, much like pilsner or champagne, the style was unable to keep its geographical limitations and as a result, a few craft brewers are now producing Kölsch-style beers.

What the brewers say
This was a Silver Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival 1998. more

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