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What could be better than, previously unavailable beers delivered to your door?

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Michael Jackson's Real Beer Tour

Currently offers 3 Clubs:
The Real Beer Tour - an unavailable import
The Brewpub Club - beers that are normally only available regionally on draft
Great Beers of Belgium

I currently subscribe to the Real Beer Tour. Michael Jackson is the undoubted guru of the beer industry, also know as the Beer Hunter. The envy of every man, Michael spends his time trotting the globe in search of new beers and breweries. His beer club sends you 12 personally selected brews every month, which are otherwise not available in the USA. This is for a very reasonable $24.99 a month. Join The world's premier beer-of-the-month club.

The Great American Beer Club

Four bottles of 3 different beers, which I believe are all USA-brewed. $25.95/month.

North American Beer Odyssey

(800) 923-BEER

Cost: $16.95 per shipment plus shipping and handling from Florida and California.

Shipment: 12 bottles, 3 types, four of each.

Beer Across America

(800) 854-BEER

Cost: $16.95 per shipment plus shipping and handling from Illinois.

2 beers, six of each.

Hog's Head Beer Cellars

(800) 795-BEER

Cost: $15.95 per shipment plus shipping and handling from North Carolina.

2 beers, six of each.

The Micro Beer Club

(800) 256-9853

Cost: $15.95 per shipment plus shipping and handling from Washington. 

6 beers, two of each

Ale In The Mail

(800) 5-SEND-ALE

Cost: $20.95 per shipment including shipping and handling from New York for eight beers or $24.95 for 12 beers.

4 beers, two or three of each



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