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This page is being constantly updated, as necessary due to the wide diversity of beer styles available around the world, as well as new styles that innovative brewers dream up.

Barley Wine: A very strong ale, usually over 8%.

Bitter: A British-style ale with a high hop content, causing bitterness.

Bock: A strong, dark, German lager.

Brown Ale: A mild, brown beer, associated with the UK.

Doppelbock: "Double Bock". An extra-strong version of Bock.

Imperial Stout: A very strong stout, typically 7-10%, originally brewed in the UK between 1780-1918 as an export to St. Petersburg. Often referred to as Russian Imperial Stout.

India Pale Ale (IPA): A strong, bitter beer, originating from the UK, for export to British soldiers in India. Made strong to survive the long boat trip.
What you should know about IPA's?

Irish Ale

Lager: A beer made with lager yeast, bottom-fermented. Lagers are supposed to be stored at cold temperatures, and have a soft clean taste. In general lagers are limited in diversity of style, and offered more as refreshers compared to ales.

Marzenbier: A medium-strong malty beer usually associated with Oktoberfest and the Fall. Marzen translates as March in French, which is the month this style of beer is made.

Mild: An English beer that is dark, lightly-hopped and mild in alcohol content.

Pale Ale: A fruity, milder version of an IPA.

Pilsner: The most imitated beer-style in the world originating from the name of a town in Czech Republic. Clear, carbonated and hoppy. Budweiser is a very compromising imitation. In my definitions I only use pilsner if I feel the actual beer bears a suitable resemblance.

Porter: English style first brewed in 1730. Usually very bitter and very dark.

Scottish Ale: Variation of an English pale ale, sweeter, less hoppy, darker malt and usually stronger.

Stout: Very dark and heavy, often sweetened. See Oatmeal, Imperial, Dry, Sweet, and Milk.

Trappist Ale: Strong, fruity ales made by Trappist monks in Belgium. Bottled with active yeast like champagne. Among the most complex, unique and probably the best beers in the world.

Wheat Beer (Weisse):20-60% wheat, cloudy, refreshing, clove-like bouquet. Often garnished with a lemon.


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