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Harp Brewery

owned by Guinness

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Harp Lager Type: Lager ABV: 5%
Bright gold, heavy initial carbonation, foamy head. Clean nose but mostly sweet, with a little barely noticeable hop. The first few sips were pretty sharp. This invoked my childhood memories of the commercial “Harp, stays sharp, to the bottom of the glass”. This however did not prove to be true as the bottom of the glass was much smoother and creamier. If it’s served cold, as mine was, the initial flavor is going to be the crisp, sharpness. However as this beer warms and opens up, you’ll notice that this is more of a malty sweet brew.
Ratings: Appearance: 3/5 Aroma: 6/10 Palate: 3/5 Taste: 6/10 Overall: 11/20 Score: 2.9

Last Updated: 08/02/2001

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