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Redhook Brewery

Official Web Page 
3400 Phiney Avenue N, Seattle, Washington 98103, USA
Tel: 206-548-8000

Opened: 1981
Date Visited:

Based in Seattle, the Redhook brewery was created in 1981, at a time when the American microbrew revolution was just starting to take off. Other Redhook breweries now exist in Woodinville, WA and Portsmouth, NH.

Redhook today is one of the larger reputable microbreweries, much in the same way as Sierra Nevada. Although part acquired (25%) by Anheuser-Busch, they still produce beers in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot (the strictest of purity laws). Today Redhook produces a respectable portfolio of brews the most widely available being the ESB. You will also see their Doubleblack Stout popping up in beer guides as one of the best beers available.

Beers Reviewed

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Redhook Blonde Ale Type: Blonde ABV: 5.4%
Nice and foamy, light golden with a little wheat cloudiness. My initial impression on the nose was a slight spicy hop, although there are signs of malt and a slight grainy aroma. The palate is fairly light but with a nice foamy and well carbonated mouthfeel. There are initial signs of malt, with some fruitiness at the tip of the tongue, while the grain also comes through in the flavor. The aftertaste is not particularly dominant but carries a hoppy, slightly citric bitterness, which is very satisfying and lingers for a minute or so. Good summer thirst quencher.
Ratings: Appearance: 4/5 Aroma: 7/10 Palate: 4/5 Taste: 7/10 Overall: 14/20 Score: 3.6


Redhook Doubleblack Stout Type: Stout ABV: 7%
Stout that adds real coffee (used to be Starbuck's but wasn't cost-effective). Opaque, fairly thick, dense head of foam. Fresh, dark, roasted coffee aromas, almost like walking into a Starbuckís store early in the morning, with a slight hop presence too. Full in body, almost chewable, holding a good firmness and passing over the palate with an extremely pleasing smoothness. Dry coffee flavors throughout the tasting, definitely roasty, while thereís a balancing almond nuttiness, and a mildly detectable creaminess and honey sweetness. There are also signs of alcohol throughout which make me think of Frangelico. The finish throws in a slight hop with the very briefest of tangs, but the most convincing part is the espresso like dryness. The dry, roasted flavors linger long into the aftertaste remaining pretty full and robust, while a little hop tempers the stronger coffee flavors making for a nice subtle balance. Worth trying for its novelty value alone.
Ratings: Appearance: 4/5 Aroma: 8/10 Palate: 4/5 Taste: 8/10 Overall: 17/20 Score: 4.1


Redhook ESB Type: ESB ABV: 5.7%
Copper-amber, promising carbonation, adequate white foam. The nose gives a good indication of what to expect, itís fresh and clean with noticeable hops and roasted malt as well as a little caramel. Pretty light on the palate, well-carbonated, maybe a little too much so, easy drinking. Well balanced with a nice malty caramel sweetness at first, combined with a subtle hop bite and pleasantly dry bitter finish. It does become a little too sweet as the beer warms, so I recommend serving it right out of the fridge. Overall this is not too demanding of a beer, good malt and decent hop bitterness make this a great refreshing session beer.
Ratings: Appearance: 4/5 Aroma: 7/10 Palate: 3/5 Taste: 7/10 Overall: 15/20 Score: 3.6

Last Updated: 07/26/2001

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