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Slottskallans Brewery

Official Web Page 
Uppsala, Sweden

Opened: 1997
Date Visited:

Beers Reviewed

Vrak (Shipwreck Beer) Type: German Wheat ABV: 5.4%

Vrak (meaning Wreck) is a beer brewed with a yeast strain recovered from bottled beer found in the wreckage of a 1915 sunken German warship. The yeast was recovered by divers in 1999, and used to produce this wheat beer. 

Pours to a pale coppery color, slightly clouded with a well pronounced and enduring foam. The aroma is piney grassy, with fruity lemon citrus and pineapple, as well as cloves, spice and a little woodiness. 

It’s a light lager like palate, a little gassy, offering an excellent thirst quenching brew. A hoppy dryness runs throughout the palate accompanied closely by a lemon grassy citrus. There’s spice and clove flavors, while the yeast imparts a firmer bolder fruitiness towards the end, culminated by a lightly citric tang that mellows in a smooth, dry banana –like aftertaste. 

Typical of a German wheat in many ways, but also drawing on the more pronounced yeast fruitiness of Belgian ales.

Ratings: Appearance: 5/5 Aroma: 9/10 Palate: 3/5 Taste: 7/10 Overall: 16/20 Score: 4.0 

Last Updated: 11/14/2001

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